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Signature Power and Performance Delivered by McLaren Qualified Pre Owned Cars

If you have a need for speed, you are not alone. Whether you are a professional racer or simply a person who appreciates the precision a car designed for racing has to offer, a McLaren is waiting for you. If performance and power are your style, you should inquire about McLaren Qualified vehicles that are available.

Shopping for a pre owned vehicle can be a bit of a gamble, but our local Beverly Hills McLaren Dealer takes the risk out of the purchase by providing you with the benefits of full qualification service on all pre owned vehicles. Purchasing a McLaren Qualified pre owned car is the only way to be assured that you get the same precision, focus, and consistency that you expect from a new vehicle.

Why Buy Used?

There are many reasons to purchase a pre owned vehicle. Some prefer to spend a little less on a used car that they can put to the test before purchasing a newer model. Others simply know that a McLaren has everything they want, from the sleek exterior design to the precisely engineered engine. We understand that one of your main motives behind wanting to own a McLaren is the power and performance that McLarens are known for.

No other vehicle gives the driver the same feeling of speed you can get in a McLaren. That's why some of our pre-owned McLarens at our Beverly Hills Dealer have gone through the McLaren Qualified program.

McLaren Qualified Cars

McLaren qualified cars for sale are a step above other pre owned vehicles. In fact, being McLaren Qualified means that your vehicle meets the same high performance and design standards that new models meet. Pre-owned vehicle owners can drive away with the confidence that their vehicles live up to the McLaren reputation. Program participants enjoy:

  • An extensive, multi-point inspection done by certified McLaren technicians
  • 12 month minimum factory warranty
  • 12 month minimum roadside assistance
  • The latest vehicle software updates

Those who take advantage of the Qualified Program will also be offered preferential rates on the many new options that are available through McLaren Special Operations.

With a pre owned McLaren vehicle that has been subjected to the strict standards used to qualify it, you can rest assured knowing that your car delivers the same power and performance as any of the new McLarens sitting in the showroom of our Beverly Hills dealership. Whether you drive on the highway, along the beach, or on the racing circuit, isn't it time you knew what it was like to own the perfect car?